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Bio Wrap Surfboards

The Bio Wrap range uses an 100% recyclable EPS Core Construction combined with an Epoxy BioResin and a natural fibre Basalt tape to create a high performance craft with a sustainable edge.

The exclusive DMS BIOWRAP construction has the same performance characteristics as the current patented CARBON WRAP technology.

The construction method is the same except the BIOWRAP variation uses materials that perform in a similar manner to the CARBON WRAP with a substantial reduction in environmental impact.

The BIOWRAP technology replaces the current uni-directional carbon tape with a BASALT tape. BASALT fibre is a natural alternative derived from VOLCANIC rock.

It requires less energy to produce, creates less industrial waste in the manufacturing process, is safer for human health in it's production and has no toxic additives.

Our regular EPOXY resin has very low VOC's, however, the EPOXY BIORESIN used in the BIOWRAP construction has a similar VOC count and includes a recycled component derived from a variety of Industrial waste supplies reducing it's carbon footprint.

Combining these factors with the 100% recyclable EPS core in the BIOWRAP construction creates the perfect choice for surfers demanding a performance craft with a sustainable edge.

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